b8ta Mobile Roadshow

Taking Retail-as-a-Service on the Road

When it comes to innovation and delivering products to consumers in a truly unique way, the “retail-as-a-service” company, b8ta, takes it to a whole new level. The company wanted to develop an exciting, interactive way for customers to learn about the products it is selling–and thus the b8ta Mobile Roadshow, a 10-city, experiential retail activation, was born.

When consumers enter a b8ta retail store, they’re invited to learn and try the latest products in tech, consumer electronics, and more - out of the box. This “retail-as-a-service” approach is all about closing the gap between the way consumers browse products online and how they experience them in-store. The b8ta Mobile Roadshow delivers a retail experience similar to b8ta’s brick and mortar retail stores, with the hottest products on display for consumers to learn about, test out, and try (in some cases) before anyone else.

  • Mobile Tour Services
  • Event Production
  • Content design & production
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Fabrication & Logistics
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