Building Brand Awareness at ViVE

GoodRx's brand activation experience at ViVE was an astounding success. The booth's vibrant and engaging design, centered around the company's bold yellow branding, drew in a massive crowd of attendees. Interactive elements like the trivia game and personalized swag cubbies kept visitors entertained while they learned about specific partner outcomes.

The illuminated logo and strategic use of visuals reinforced GoodRx's relevance and left a lasting positive impression. The booth's immersive environment, complete with a seamless canopy and under-cabinet LED beacons, added to the overall appeal.

The highlight of the show was the suspended mobile display, showcasing creativity and precision in its construction. Attendees couldn't help but compliment the booth's energy, attractiveness, and fun atmosphere.

GoodRx successfully enhanced existing relationships and left their target audience feeling special. Their presence at ViVE truly surprised, delighted, and entertained attendees, making it a memorable and impactful activation.

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