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Building Brand Awareness at HIMSS

On the HIMSS trade show floor, GoodRx wanted to build brand awareness, showcase its offerings and engage visitors. The ultimate goal was to take the GoodRx customer-centric approach and translate it into an intimate 400 sq ft experience that resonated with B2B attendees and deepened their relationship with the company.


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Inspired by the brand’s aesthetic, Sparks designed a bold environment with clean lines, bright colors and glowing, branded pillars.

We also designed the experience’s components to be flexible, scalable and sustainable. Not only will they work for larger trade shows, they’re adaptable for smaller and regional programs as well.

A concierge station promoted a warm and inviting atmosphere, welcoming visitors and providing a central hub for premium giveaways and meeting arrangements. Interactive Demo stations on screens throughout the environment fueled brand education and were designed to be easily accessible to attendees.

To further promote brand messaging and awareness, a walk-in storage tower presented brand statements on a large, digital monitor. The exhibit’s semi-private conference room, outfitted with acrylic panels and a series translucent graphic vinyls, was a prime location for visitors to network and hold business discussions.

The intimate and friendly GoodRx HIMSS experience inspired visitors, generated brand buzz and prioritized the customer experience.

Special thanks to the GoodRx creative team for a tremendous effort and [the Sparks Team team] for the "GAS" factor. Also, thank you to these folks for supporting our flawless on-site dynamic! Thank you to the whole team for showing up to support and spread the GoodRx Word.

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