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Making a Splash in NYC

At the New York International Auto Show this year, the industry's established automakers showed off new cars and refreshed favorites in the typical massive exhibit spaces, but the show's spotlight shone brightly on smaller fresh EV startups like INDI EV, in smaller fresher exhibit footprints.

The Los Angeles, California-based startup Independent Electric Vehicles (INDI EV) made its first splash in the global EV market at the show by beautifully displaying and announcing preorders for its INDI One five-passenger crossover.


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NDI EV at New York International Auto Show Feature

As a market newcomer, INDI EV tasked us with designing an experience that fit their marketing budget but looked as if it belonged among the sea of behemoth spaces.

The resulting open and approachable 34’ x 66’ space dynamically showcased the INDI One while making it easy to engage with product and marketing teams.

Using a mix of rental and custom components, the main attracts included a vibrant back wall holographic display, totem walls that displayed car specs, and screens that live-streamed video from the EV ride and drive on the first level of the Javits Center.

The backside of the booth held a selfie and attendee signature wall while a main car and chassis displayed in front on an open platform allowed guests to engage with an in-car VR experience showcasing the car’s technology from the inside out.

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