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A Premier Experience at a Premier Event

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference and Exhibition is the premier healthcare industry event. On the show floor, Omnicell featured its premier healthcare data and analytics tools in a 1,200 sq. ft. custom exhibit. At the center of it all was Omnicell One, one of the company's preeminent analytical services. Throughout the Omnicell HIMSS exhibit, attendees discovered unique Omnicell resources every step of the way.


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Ominicell HIMSS Interior

The goal was to show visitors how Omnicell collects and analyzes important data through both digital and physical product displays.

The Attendee Journey

Attendees began their journey at the exhibit's large 90-inch video screens set up on opposite sides of a beautiful wooden structure. While one played the company's Autonomous Pharmacy reel, the other played a video featuring Omnicell's brand story.

Then, it was on to discovering different product solutions. Walking through the Omnicell HIMSS space, attendees explored three categories of service offerings: Automation and Robotics, Smart Inventory, and Intelligent Applications

At the end they visited the main central data analytical center—Omnicell One—to discover how the individual products on display all relate back to Omnicell One, culminating the journey.

The theme of data and data analytics was also present in the exhibit's design. Perforated walls included pill-like designs resembling data sequences. The idea was to convey the story that there's data behind the medication.

In keeping with Omnicell's signature green branding, green lighting filled the entire space. In fact, the Omnicell One hub included bright green illuminated tube lighting, making it stand out on a chaotic show floor and creating a sense of intrigue.

The Omnicell HIMSS exhibit took attendees on an informative journey. Throughout it all, visitors learned more about their innovative data analytics solutions.

The engaging, striking, and educational space elevated Omnicell's messaging and attendees walked away with an unforgettable understanding of Omnicell's services.

Highlight include:

  • Designed a custom 1,200 sq. ft. exhibit showcasing Omnicell’s brand and product story.

  • Provided attendees with an engaging way to learn about Omnicell’s unique services.

  • Used the company’s signature green branding to uplevel the space on the show floor.

  • Made use of illuminated tube lighting to create a visual focal point around Omnicell One.

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