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Interactive Demonstrations of Customer Success

The Salesforce Customer 360 Stations provide attendees with a unique, interactive, and personalized way to learn more about Salesforce products and innovations. Launching at Dreamforce, the Salesforce Customer 360 Stations combine attendee personalization with deep dives into five Customer Success stories - Party City, Lamborghini, Pacer Sports and Entertainment, Align Technology, and Edelman Financial Engines. Each station showcases how to combine the right mix of Salesforce products to enable cross departmental collaboration and better customer experiences.


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Using a custom-created dial interface, attendees spin between the five customer stories, activating content on a 6’ diameter circular LED display.

The dial has both a press function and spin function. From the initial menu screen, a user can turn the dial to scroll through the available stories, which highlight as the dial turns. Pressing the dial opens a customer story, where users then scroll through a mix of statistics and content bubbles that appear with dynamic, parallax animations.

Secondary, smaller interactive stations featured throughout the event are deployed to ensure the message reaches every attendee. A multi-experience hub for Customer 360 includes several interactive options -- users can view customer stories or select a role (Commerce, Platform, Marketing, Sales, or Service) to learn more about Salesforce’s unique Customer 360 solutions to bring multiple products together to increase customer success.

For an added layer of personalization, users can also complete a custom quiz. The quiz lets them create their own Customer 360 wheel that’s tailored to their business needs and guides them to their best next step in their Dreamforce journey.

The idle state of the quiz is a charming animation of Salesforce character Astro. After scanning their badge, the user kicks off the quiz by selecting which Salesforce solutions (Small Business, Commerce, Platform, Marketing, Sales, or Service) they’re hoping to find. Each solution features 2-3 questions. After answering, attendees receive their own Customer 360 wheel. Wheels are branded per solution, with highlighted products depending on users’ quiz answers. Users also receive their wheel by email.

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