Step into the Future of Entertainment: The Dolby House at SXSW

Dolby's first-ever takeover at SXSW set a new standard for immersive experiences, captivating attendees with its innovative lineup of entertainment, demos, panels, and events. The bi-level 'Dolby House' at the historic Brazos Hall became a mesmerizing Dolby world, spanning 10,000 sq ft and featuring six loyalty-inspiring installations. From film and music to, the week-long engagement showcased Dolby's expertise in diverse domains. Immersive Design: Intuitive space planning, strategic lighting, and interactive graphics and video content seamlessly integrated Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio into the space, transcending the boundaries of traditional sensory encounters. Incorporating the historic brick walls of the building into the design added a touch of aesthetic value to the entire experience. Unforgettable Demos: The Dolby House offered an array of captivating demos. The Dolby Atmos and Vision- enabled infinity room provided breathtaking visuals and reimagined soundscapes. Attendees could explore Dolby technology on handheld devices at the mobile device display bar and share their experiences via social media. The Dolby Atmos for Cars sit-in demo showcased how Dolby enhances audio and visuals in automotive entertainment systems, featuring the stunning Mercedes Maybach. Additionally, guests experienced a "first listen" of the Era 300, Sonos' latest Dolby Atmos-enabled smart speaker. The Lounge and Living Rooms, equipped with a 360 Dolby Atmos rig, allowed visitors to fully immerse themselves in audio experiences, demonstrating the potential of Dolby Atmos across various setups. The Live Gameplay demonstration of Dolby for Halo showcased the brand's impact on gaming, delighting gamers and enthusiasts alike. Networking Hub: The Dolby Sound Stage, a vibrant rooftop deck spanning 3,500 square feet, hosted over 20 speakers and panel discussions, and numerous hospitality events throughout the week. It also provided a private space for industry professionals and creators to connect and collaborate, fostering innovation and new partnerships. The curated cocktail bars, snacks, and lively atmosphere further enhanced the networking experience. Measurable Success: The success of the Dolby House Experience was quantifiable. A total of 32,190 attendees entered the venue, resulting in 208 hours of brand impression time for the tracked content at SXSW. Impressively, the event achieved a remarkable 24% walk-by \ 35% interest \ 41% engaged overall event ratio, surpassing Dolby benchmarks. A Triumph of Innovation: The Dolby House at SXSW redefined what it means to be fully immersed in a brand. With its exceptional demos, immersive design, networking opportunities, and measurable success, attendees witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Dolby technology in enhancing visual and audio experiences across the entertainment realm. The Dobly House stood as a living testament to Dolby's commitment to pushing the boundaries of entertainment technology, leaving a lasting impression on all who stepped into the immersive world of Dolby.

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