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A Firsthand Look at the Power of 5G

The T-Mobile 5G&me Experience Center is a 4,000 sq. ft. immersive showcase of 5G applications within the company’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters. The state-of-the-art environment’s interactive touchpoints and applications take visitors on a highly produced, high-tech, personalized journey to discover firsthand the power of 5G wireless technology through the lens of industries like Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and more.


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T-Mobile 5G&me Rendered Concept by Sparks
T-Mobile 5G&me Rendered Concept by Sparks
Rendered concept
T-Mobile 5G&me Final Execution by Sparks
Final execution

When entering the space, visitors are transported into a multi-sensory world that showcases the ways 5G can transform daily life.

360° Immersive Dome

An immersive sound and audio experience conveying how 5G can change our everyday lives.

Mirrored Network Wall

A magenta-lit, mirrored wall display illustrating the breakthrough technology used to increase 5G coverage across the United States.

Autonomous Transportation

Visitors experienced custom transportation scenarios through a touch screen console, stellar sound, dynamic lighting, and translucent OLED screens.

Educational Innovation

Several educational stations throughout the space provided an opportunity to experience the innovation of 5G in different scenarios, with custom avatars, vibrant LED screen arrays, smart mirrors, an interactive product display, and even a sensor-driven jellyfish tank– all making for an unforgettable visitor journey.

This was an enormous effort, and I could not be more proud of the team and our partners for their ongoing passion, commitment to the vision, and attention to detail across every aspect of this project. This is 100% innovation and customization at its finest!


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