Marc Herron Appears on ‘Confessions of a Creative Director’ Podcast

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Marc Herron, Senior Vice President, Strategy, at Sparks, recently joined Jaime Cabrera, host of the podcast, Confessions of a Creative Director, as a guest, engaging in a candid hour-long conversation that saw Herron share a range of meaningful insights and stories, both from a professional and at times, highly personal, perspective.

When listeners tune in, they’ll have the opportunity to hear Herron openly discuss such topics as his career path, how he approaches and defines creative strategy, insights on navigating today’s experiential industry landscape, where he draws inspiration, the power of critical thinking and believing in yourself, and much more. Plus, a surprise musical moment at the end of the episode provides a fun opportunity to hear an original piece of music by Herron.

“Data only means so much, and so I feel that a really good strategy is something that sometimes comes before creative,” says Herron on his approach to strategy. “Sometimes it’s backending strategy into whatever the creative becomes. And sometimes it’s in parallel . . . Ultimately, my feeling is that the way that I lead Strategy is by being kind of in this kind of adaptable conduit between whatever the idea and information is, and making that story sing.”

And in a nod to the podcast’s title, Herron does indeed share a “confession.” What is it? Listeners will have to tune in to find out.

Audiences can tune into Herron’s episode now, and it’s currently available to listen to in full on a range of platforms — click here for more information and how to listen, and to learn more about Confessions of a Creative Director

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