Code10 is our credo, our mantra, our guiding light and one true north. It is our commitment to integrity that informs every decision we make.

  • 01
    Do the right thing.
    Integrity is a defining quality of our people. We hold ourselves accountable. We don’t take shortcuts.
  • 02
    Question everything.
    We don’t make assumptions and we welcome hard conversations. There is always a better way, which requires challenging the status quo.
  • 03
    Embrace change.
    Nothing remains constant. Stagnation is decay. Either commit to continuous evolution, or watch others pass you by.
  • 04
    Details matter.
    Every detail contributes to the bigger picture, while details missed will sabotage the overall experience.
  • 05
    Challenge provides opportunity.
    If it was easy, anyone could do it. The harder the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to both grow and distinguish ourselves from the pack.
  • 06
    Think unconventionally.
    Innovation occurs by challenging broadly accepted assumptions, requiring a thought process that goes beyond open-mindedness.
  • 07
    Be a service legend.
    Legends and legendary stories live forever. They inspire us.
  • 08
    Kindness and respect, always.
    Being nice costs nothing and benefits everyone. People want to work with nice people. People give nice people the benefit of the doubt. There is simply no reason not to be nice.
  • 09
    Be proud but never satisfied.
    Perfection is unattainable, but if we strive for greatness, we may catch excellence. Aim high.
  • 10
    Work should be fun!
    Life is short, and we spend a lot of it working. Enjoy it.


Work should be fun

The Code Ten committee is our lead employee-led culture initiative. This group hosts company-wide engagement activities to reinforce and celebrate the unique personalities, creative talents, and competitive nature of our people.


A culture of inclusivity

Diversity in people and ideas drives our success. BE YOU, our employee-led DE&I group, champions our efforts to mitigate biases and advances our mission of providing an inclusive workplace so that all sparkies feel at home.


Advocates for all

Pride is a year-round focus. The Sparklers, our employee-led LGBTQIA+ group, advocates for a more visible LGBTQIA+ experience and provides our community with educational opportunities and an open forum for discussion.


Empowering equality

Women are half of our workforce. Our WIE initiatives help female sparkies obtain the skills needed to advance and excel. Internally and externally, our annual WIE events encourage women to connect, learn and grow.


Creativity is our core

We are all creatives at heart. Our Spartans ERG, focused on various disciplines within the visual arts, enables and supports the professional education of its members through monthly instruction, training and evaluation.

  • Community Partnerships

    We believe in the value of moving forward by giving back. We have a long, proud history of charitable giving and community support. From local events to nationally recognized initiatives, direct funding to volunteerism, our entire agency fosters a shared commitment to generous humanitarianism, and we encourage all employees to actively take part. The list of organizations we support is diverse. Some relationships are long-form, like our support of the Children’s Scholarship Fund, Abramson Cancer Center, Unite for Her, the Police Athletic League, and Feed the Children. Others are driven by the request of our employees and the identification of specific areas of need within our other local communities.

  • Sustainability

    We know that we must progressively reduce the environmental impact of our operations, especially the amount of energy and water we consume and the amount of waste we generate. Our leadership team continuously integrates environmental considerations into core business decision-making at the operational and project levels. We continually identify and implement ways to conserve natural resources, use sustainable materials, prevent pollution, and reduce waste.

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