Event Marketer Gets Candid With the Women of Sparks

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In the latest issue of its print publication, Event Marketer engaged Sparks employees to take part in a candid conversation and share their insights on a range of topics like leadership, workplace culture, the advice they’d give to women beginning their careers in the experiential industry and more.

The Event Marketer ‘Candid Commentary’ feature, “10 Questions in 10 Minutes With 10 Ladies from Sparks,” was largely inspired by Sparks’s continued dedication to elevating and celebrating the voices of its people, including women. Through its Women in Events program, the company provides women across the event marketing industry with valuable opportunities to connect with and learn from each other.

“Leading global brand experience agency Sparks has used its longtime Women in Event partnership to create unity, foster collaboration across experiential marketing and bring into the spotlight many of the industry’s top women,” notes Event Marketer.

Within the article, ten women who work in different Sparks offices around the country each gave one-sentence, outspoken responses to a variety of questions designed to provide a sense of inspiration and value to women in experiential marketing. From sharing how to promote a positive work environment to poignant lessons learned, the piece touches on a variety of meaningful subjects.

“The truth will set you free and honesty is always the best path forward,” said Shannon Zoltek, account director when asked about the most impactful lessons she’s learned so far in her career and what she feels other women can take away from them. “I’ve found that if I am upfront with my clients and make it clear that I am looking for a solution, they are typically very understanding. They may not be happy with the situation at hand but they know that I am taking responsibility and I am going to do the best that I can to resolve the situation.”

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