How Events Within Events Add Value to B2B Experiences

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Events Within Events Add Value to B2B Experience

It’s no secret that the conference space has become crowded and competitive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In an effort to oust the competition, event marketers are dreaming up fresh ways to make their shows more attractive and more valuable to prospective attendees. Leading the way of late is the “events within events” approach, a strategy that is helping marketers simultaneously expand their audiences and deliver more targeted content. These micro-events take many shapes. Here’s a look at some of the most compelling—and effective—strategies being used today.

VIP Experiences

When it comes to designing events within events, a major way to build buzz (and revenue) is to offer a VIP experience within the larger event. At Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Life conference for example, EventMB notes that attendees have the option to purchase a Diamond-level ticket, which gives them access to a VIP reception where they have the opportunity to rub shoulders with conference speakers. Talk about an events within events experience done right!


Hosting a pre-conference event that gives attendees the opportunity to take a deeper dive into the topics being covered at the main conference is another popular “events within events” strategy. It can also serve as a way to engage a more targeted audience, like the c-suite. Some shows, including the Women Deliver Conference, even offer multiple, topic-specific pre-conference events for hand-selected attendees that give them the chance to engage with and learn from one another before taking on the main show.

Embedded Master Classes

For its Sephora House of Beauty weekend, Sephora truly delivers on the “events within events” approach, creating an Instagram museum-style event with sampling, complimentary beauty services and entertainment. The experience also features a conference of sorts within the broader event that gives attendees the chance to attend master classes by celebrity hair and makeup stylists, and social media influencers. Not only do the beauty buffs in attendance get to learn from the best of the best, they have the opportunity to directly engage with some of their favorite personalities in the biz.

The ultimate goal of the “events within events” approach is to add value for attendees, so creating ancillary experiences just for the sake of having another touchpoint won’t cut it. Whether its content, access or another perk altogether you’re offering through supplementary events, ensuring that the underlying strategy benefits the audience is paramount.