Kristy Elisano Talks Hospitality Reopening Strategies With Travel Weekly

Sparks Marketing
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Kristy Elisano, Sparks’ senior vice president of marketing and business development, speaks to the leading B2B news resource for the travel industry, Travel Weekly, on Sparks’ hospitality reopening strategies. In the publication’s article, “Reopening Hotels Strive to Communicate Cleanliness,” Elisano details how we’re providing hotels and resorts the physical and social distancing resources they need to help their guests and employees maintain health and safety.

“Working with us, you won’t get awkward signage in the middle of the hallway or harsh, aggressive messaging or thrown-together plexiglass guards,” says Elisano to Travel Weekly. “We’re working with each brand to take into consideration how they want to be perceived and how we can integrate all these new guidelines in an authentic and integrated way.”

Providing businesses of all sizes with strategies and tools to reopen safely is a major component of Sparks’ current offerings. Our experiential experts are continuously developing spatial strategies inclusive of space configurations, safe distance markers and traffic pattern routing, safety signage and wayfinding systems, purposeful architecture and physical barriers, customizable contactless hand sanitizing and PPE distribution stations, and more.

Beyond the traditional client offices and executive briefing centers, our services now extend to convenience and grocery stores, malls and retail stores, gyms and health clubs, spas/salons, hotels and resorts, doctor offices and outpatient facilities, airports, train and bus stations, movie theaters, sporting venues, college and school campuses, and any other Main Street businesses.

Read an excerpt from the article below, where Elisano speaks in detail about our hospitality reopening strategies, including specific ways Sparks is providing hotels and resorts (from boutique properties such as Main + Mountain in Vermont’s Okemo Valley, to major chains like Loews Hotels) necessary tools and resources to reopen safely.

One major focus for Sparks has been new signage on guest room doors designed to assure guests that their room has been fully sanitized, and post-cleaning has remained untouched. Sparks offers an array of customizable solutions, including branded sticker and lock seals and door banners, as well as a unique magnetic door plate that protrudes from the bottom of a guest room door, then automatically flips to a door’s interior upon entry. Housekeeping staff use a special magnet to reposition the plate.

“We’re seeing stickers across many properties, but once the guest opens the door, there are broken sticker pieces and they get strewn throughout the property,” says Elisano. “For higher-end luxury properties, we’ve worked to create some alternative options.”

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