If You Build It (correctly), Healthcare Attendees Will Come

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It’s a complicated little word. Structure, footprints, technology, graphics, color, lighting, attendee journeys… Designing an effective and attractive engagement can be complex. But what matters most when designing an engagement that delivers for healthcare brands? Does design really matter to an audience motivated by data and science?

We asked healthcare attendees this very question. The answer was a resounding yes, but we didn’t stop there. We dug a little deeper to understand what moves audiences and actually delivers better outcomes for brands on the show floor.

Guardant interactives

Design matters for attraction.

Job #1 of any design is to draw attendees into the experience. Several themes emerged when we asked healthcare attendees what attracts them into a booth.

Attendees are clearly looking for an experience. In fact, “memorable experiences” was the #1 thing that attendees listed as a reason to visit a booth. A significant portion of those surveyed also listed “spectacular design” as a factor. More than ever, design and experience are being driven by an explosion of technology on the show floor. Our data reveals that interactive experiences are extremely popular with healthcare attendees—as long as it’s the right kind of interaction.

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Design matters for content.

Our last post highlighted the importance of content to the healthcare attendee. Science over marketing. But there is more to consider from a design standpoint. Relevance is of course critical to this audience. But surprisingly, so is the production quality of the content.

Attendees aren’t looking for “detailing." Almost 70% of attendees say that the production quality of a brands content is a key factor in attracting them to a booth. Screens alone are not enough—regardless of how big they are. Attendees are also less interested in presentations. Interestingly, brands report relatively modest investment in content production as a segment of their overall trade show budgets.

Coffee Stations

One last thing...

Coffee. Don't forget the coffee.

Key Takeaways:

Design for impact and engagement.

  1. Memorable and eye-catching: Attraction can be designed into your engagement if you focus on creating impact on the show floor. Attendees will be drawn to experiences packaged in compelling and spectacular ways.

  2. This includes the content: It’s important to note that spectacular design doesn’t just refer to the structure. More and more, attendees want to be wowed by their experience and interaction with your content. Your science can be the star of your show.

  3. Coffee: Did we mention coffee?

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a presentation of the full research findings, feel free to contact us.