Interactive Zones at Budweiser SamCom

Sparks Marketing
Budweiser SAMCOM

The background:

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s annual two-day Sales and Marketing Communications Meeting (SAMCOM) is the once-a-year opportunity for brands to speak to the entire wholesaler community and inspire them with new marketing initiatives, products and innovations. Budweiser, the iconic ABI brand, needs to set itself apart from others within the portfolio. By leveraging its long history, American heritage and quality ingredients, five custom interactive campaign zones spotlight key components of Budweiser’s marketing plan for the year ahead, while 360 LED screen technology gives the brand’s already powerful presentation even more impact with larger than life visuals.

The experience:

At 47,000 sq. ft., the presentation and immersion space is the largest footprint of all brands at the Anheuser-Busch event by far. Budweiser’s detailed, rich American heritage and ties to local community and agriculture provide inspiration in bringing the presentation and immersion design to life. Sparks designed and produced a truly immersive experience that highlighted each of the key components of Budweiser’s marketing plan through interactive campaign zones. Sparks also designed and created the 45 minute brand presentation, including 3 high impact videos, that was projected on a large scale screen set-up giving the presentation a true 360 degree immersive feel.

Presentation and immersion:

As wholesalers enter the immersion space, they’re handed a cold Budweiser while a video timeline of Budweiser’s history projects 360 degrees around the room, setting the scene. The presentation, delivered by the VP Marketing of Budweiser US, includes impactful sizzle videos, animated content revealing new brand initiatives and legendary athletes promoting the brand’s sports campaign. There was also a surprise performance by a well-known artist whose track was featured in the brand’s emotionally moving Super Bowl spot.

Wholesalers then got to experience the interactive immersion space. Its five campaign zones gave a feel for upcoming marketing initiatives and displayed new packaging. Each zone included custom fabricated builds of true-to-life bars and scenic walls, incorporating brew ingredients into some of the design like beechwood materials, hops, and amber long neck bottles. Zones included varying themes like Sports, showcasing the sports Legends campaign, a prohibition speak-easy theme, and a patriotic theme, all leveraging Budweiser decor and assets to round out each space and promote the brand in real life settings. Each experience was designed to inspire wholesalers and arm them with the tools necessary to further push Budweiser in the marketplace.

Programming within the immersion space included talent management of three legendary athletes for autograph signing and two separate tasting experiences of Budweiser’s new innovation lagers. As a final surprise on the last day, attendees enjoyed a parade of the famous Clydesdales and hitch through the Budweiser immersion space.

The results:

The Budweiser presentation and immersion environment was a huge success, creating a buzz throughout the event across all attendees.

  • 5,000 attendees within the New Orleans Convention Center
  • 47,000 sq. ft. immersion space consisting of 5 interactive campaign zones
  • In-the-round presentation environment with 360-degree LED screens, custom presentation and video content
  • Designed and created the custom 45 minute brand presentation, including 3 high impact videos, graphics and animations
  • 5 interactive “campaign zones” featuring custom vignettes and fully-functional, true-to-life bar settings
  • Autograph moments with legendary athletes and live musical performances