Sparklers Host a Summer Pride Panel

Sparks Marketing

The Sparklers, a dynamic employee resource group (ERG) at Sparks for the LGBTQIA+ community, hosted a virtual Summer Pride Panel on July 26th with special guests from the travel/tech, retail and healthcare industries. Former Sparks employee Nicole Michalik—now a radio personality in Philadelphia— acted as both emcee and moderator for the panel discussion, submitting questions from Sparkies and keeping the conversation fun and lively.

Speakers included Amon Versteeg, Senior Director of Business Marketing at; David Gould, Operations Manager at West Elm; and Laura Longwell, Graphic Designer at McKesson. The speakers shared stories and experiences, both personal and professional, in an hour-long interactive discussion that drew participants from Sparks offices around the country.

The discussion was centered around the importance of keeping the ERG’s narrative moving forward and how each company represented supports the LGBTQIA+ community in ways that extend beyond pride month. Doug Edelson, Executive Producer at Sparks, produced the event and says he finds the Sparklers’ panel discussions to be very worthwhile.

Sparks seeks to maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace and encourages all employees to bring their full selves to work. The Sparklers host events year-round to empower conversations, camaraderie, networking and community building. For more information about the Sparklers, please contact