Twitter Flock: London, Berlin and New York

Sparks Marketing
Twitter Flock

Twitter Flock London is one of three Twitter annual developer’s conferences held in three cities over a two-month period—London: Vinopolis; Berlin: Twerk; New York: Skylight Modern. Each half-day event hosts over 400 developers. The day starts with a networking lunch followed by a keynote session to educate developers on Fabric, Twitter’s software developer kit. Informal meeting stations throughout the event space allow brand representatives to conduct one-on-ones with attendees to discuss all things Twitter and products such as Gnip. Each day is capped off with a fun cocktail party.

The Sparks event production team designs a playful experience that exudes Twitter and creates brand advocates. The base of the Flock event production begins with venue research, selection and management; interesting and unique architecture adds character to the event and is a big draw. The foundation of the event design is space planning, layouts, furniture, and a modern, minimal decor with smart, elegant branding. The core of the event is the keynote that requires general session production, set design and scenic build. Amenities include hospitality, food and beverage. Sparks selects and manages brand ambassadors, manages the event onsite including onsite registration.

Twitter Flock London success starts with compelling content and hands-on training by Twitter developers, minor celebrities in developer world. Sparks event production gives Flock shape and context that builds excitement and nurtures brand affinity.

  • Annual developer’s conference held over two months
  • Three locations: London, Berlin and New York
  • Each location hosts over 400 developers
  • Modern, minimal decor with smart, elegant branding