Sparks Employees Assemble Over 200 Care Boxes for Unite for HER

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Sparks' Philadelphia-based employees recently gathered at Unite for HER's headquarters in West Chester, PA, to lend their hands in assembling care boxes for the nonprofit organization. Through its long-standing partnership, Sparks regularly collaborates with Unite for HER, dedicated to empowering and educating individuals with breast and ovarian cancer about integrative therapies for their well-being during and after treatment.

To further this cause, Sparks employees spent a morning diligently packing over 200 care boxes with an array of personal care products, nutritious recipes, and educational materials curated by Unite for HER's team of medical and wellness professionals. These care boxes serve as a beacon of hope for individuals across the nation grappling with the challenges of cancer treatment and recovery. They are dispatched weekly to recipients at various stages of their cancer journey, offering practical support and comfort during their time of need.

In addition to assembling care boxes, the Sparks team also lent a hand in crafting friendship bracelet-making kits. These kits will be distributed at Unite for HER's upcoming Pink Invitational, a prestigious three-day gymnastics competition featuring over 4,000 athletes from local and national USA Gymnastics teams.

Founded by breast cancer survivor Sue Weldon, Unite for HER operates with the vision of providing holistic support to cancer patients, addressing not only their physical needs but also their emotional and spiritual well-being. The diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer can be a daunting experience, often leaving individuals feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Through its compassionate approach, Unite for HER endeavors to create a nurturing and healing community where patients feel supported and empowered every step of the way.