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Elevating the Brand's Global Presence

Over the past twenty years, the Sparks team has partnered with Medtronic through multiple acquisitions, two rebrands and three global exhibit programs, building an international presence that spans 150 shows annually in the US and 90+ shows in Europe and beyond.

After successfully creating a consistent, experiential brand voice and consolidating many siloed programs into one, unified domestic program, we were asked to help expand the vision into the brand's international markets. Working in lock step with Medtronic’s global design committee, our team developed a solution to extend the new Medtronic presence worldwide - thus creating the original Medtronic Global Trade Show Program.


  • Exhibit & Expo Services
  • Strategy & measurement
  • Creative strategy & design
  • Digital Interactives
  • Content design & production
  • Fabrication & logistics
  • Global Execution
Medtronic Global Program Digital Render
Medtronic Global Program Digital Render
Rendered concept
Medtronic Global Program Reality
Final execution

A Global Rebrand

As the existing global trade show partner, Medtronic engaged us to assist on the considerable task of a full global rebrand. We were committed to delivering a reimagined exhibition strategy that would not only build on past successes but pave the way for future innovation and growth. 55 global discovery sessions in multiple countries were held to allow for creative brainstorm sessions, presentations, design critiques, and storyboarding. This collaboration resulted in the development of a modular kit of globally utilized components.

A Modular Kit of Parts

This scalable design was focused on customer experience and was far more streamlined and flexible; a key element for any business exhibiting at shows that vary so greatly in size. The flexibility allows the design to be equally compelling from a small table-top format to a massive 80’x80’ experience. The new global components allow each business unit and geography to deliver an engaging experience that is both educational and culturally relevant while maintaining brand consistency across all international markets.

Passion and partnership. Without a doubt, there is a clear feeling that we are all in this together, with a drive for the same thing—passion to excel and showcase Medtronic in the best way possible.


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