Your Brand, Pop Culture and Picking Your Moment

Adam Charles Executive Vice President leadership image
Adam Charles
Pop culture

In a thought-provoking piece for Fast Company, our Chief Growth Officer, Adam Charles, discusses the critical intersection of branding, cultural moments, and authentic engagement. His insights shed light on the strategic nuances that help brands like ours capture and create those pivotal lightning-in-a-bottle moments.

Adam delves into the necessity of maintaining a strategic approach to operations as a hidden engine for innovation, emphasizing the importance of authentic engagement over bandwagon marketing. He illustrates this with examples like the missteps of Pepsi in 2017, contrasting them with brands that successfully align their operations and marketing with core values. Moreover, Adam champions the virtues of flexibility and adaptability within teams to seize cultural moments effectively.

For a deeper understanding of how these strategies can be applied in real-time and with real results, read the full article on Fast Company here.