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Sharing Goals and Driving Engagement

Once a year, brands within the Anheuser-Busch InBev portfolio get together to inspire their wholesaler community with exciting marketing initiatives, products, and innovations at the highly-anticipated Sales and Marketing Communications Meeting (SAMCOM).

In the wake of COVID-19, SAMCOM was transformed into a completely virtual experience. As a result, Michelob ULTRA needed an engaging digital solution to make an impact with their wholesalers and continue the momentum the brand was experiencing as the fastest growing within the ABI portfolio.


  • Content Design & Production
  • Program Strategy & Measurement
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Event Production
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Creating Custom Segments

Our team produced a Michelob ULTRA virtual presentation filmed in a Sparks designed and fabricated branded studio environment that aired as short segments during the SAMCOM virtual event. The segments were designed to communicate Michelob’s first-quarter marketing goals, inspire commitment from their wholesalers, and shine a light on the three major brands within the ULTRA family (Michelob ULTRA, Pure Gold, and Organic Seltzer).

The event’s sportscaster theme was tied to the upcoming Super Bowl, which we leaned into by creating an in-studio training camp set that was complete with a big screen, Michelob props, and a bar showcasing product packaging and ingredients. The flexibility and authenticity of the set were key to creating the right environment for the Global VP of Marketing to speak from. The Michelob ULTRA virtual presentation featured several video elements, including Super Bowl ads, as well as virtual appearances from talent partnering with the brand - Peyton Manning, Serena Williams, and Don Cheadle.

Wowing the Audience

We coordinated with Michelob ULTRA every step of the way to establish and adhere to content design and production processes while developing and recording the series. One of our primary responsibilities included taking on an advisory role to provide flow, design, and messaging direction. Our goal was to tow the balance between succinctly conveying the brand’s marketing plans while keeping their audience of wholesalers engaged. Pivotal steps included mapping show production, handling run-of-show development, coordinating technical production, and facilitating speaker rehearsals.

Our team handled securing the appropriate studio for filming, coordinating spatial planning, scenic fabrication, and overall operations and logistics. Health and safety remained a top priority with all parties following COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We also developed the scenic design and graphics for the Michelob ULTRA virtual presentation, incorporating set changeovers for the three Michelob ULTRA brands that were woven into the segments’ narrative. The training camp sports theme remained at the forefront by utilizing multiple camera views as well as on-screen graphics to replicate a live sports studio environment.

Animations, brand typography, packaging imagery, and marketing campaign video content were incorporated into the presentation design to provide a distinct look and feel for each of the three Michelob ULTRA brands. The ULTRA segments were the top rated content of the entire show, with praise from the wholesaler network, local sales teams, and even the CMO on how strong the ULTRA presentation and set was presented.


  • Created three broadcast-quality Michelob ULTRA segments to air during SAMCOM.

  • Successfully completed the project on an accelerated timeline -- 4 weeks from start to finish.

  • Highlighted celebrity guest appearances throughout the segments.

  • Designed and fabricated the fully branded studio set.

  • Designed all presentation graphics, animations, transitions, and lower thirds.

  • Developed run of show, and conducted filming and editing of final videos segments.

  • Seamlessly handled transitions to ensure flow of the Michelob ULTRA segments and other brand presentations appeared as one video.

  • ULTRA segments were top rated of the entire show, with praise from the wholesaler network, local sales teams, and even the CMO.

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