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The Gold Standard for Virtual Experiences

The Covid pandemic brought monumental changes to every industry, but few as fundamentally as those dependent on live gatherings, such as live events and film production. Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform partnered with an Extended Reality Stage (xR) and Sparks to create richer, more meaningful digital experiences that transcend the limitations of traditional conferences and events.

Its new digital series focused on the future of work and featured inspiring customer success stories in a unique and compelling way. This new kind of brand experience reached millions of viewers around the world and gave them the opportunity to engage and learn from a best-in-class tech company from the comfort of their own homes.


  • Virtual Platform Design & Production
  • Program Strategy & Measurement
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Content Design & Production
  • Event Production
Salesforce xR Stage Virtual Event

An Exclusive Viewer Experience

Leveraging Extended Reality (xR), a next-generation process for film, broadcast, and live event production, Salesforce created an experience that seamlessly melded the physical and virtual world with the use of immersive AR, VR, and MR techonologies. We worked closely with Salesforce to facilitate recording and production sessions that helped capture the energy and intensity of an in-person event and transfer it into an exciting virtual experience.

Mixed reality (MR) combined camera tracking and real-time rendering in a game engine to give attendees an exclusive front row seat to a new original series broadcast with a live show hosted by CEO Marc Benioff and special guests, including Late-Night Host and Tony Award-Winning Actor James Corden.

Salesforce xR Stage Virtual Event 2

Brands were given the ability to “transport” themselves around the world, all while producing high-quality content in an environment designed to prioritize health and safety.

Leading by example, it was important to showcase the ease in which Salesforce customers were able to succeed from anywhere in an all digital world. The imagery, location selections and content strategy aligned in every way to highlight examples of just that.

The production process itself became an example of best-practices by adhering to a strict Covid-19 safety protocol that included masking, distancing, testing, and the strategic rotation of critical onsite staff, speakers, and in-studio talent. Viewing, editing, and art direction were all handled remotely, and our team generated CG background fits for the evolving scripts.

Key Highlights

  • The Salesforce xR stage became a platform to highlight customer successes with poignant message of hope and triumph during uncertain times.

  • Expert collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of partners to deliver engaging and compelling content to the Salesforce audience.

  • Demonstrated our ability to evolve and adapt client strategy to a meet rapidly changing market and global conditions in real time.

  • Overwhelmingly positive results with thousands of attendees and millions of social media views/impressions for the Salesforce brand.

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