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Google showcased Android for the first time at CES with an exciting activation that won second (out of the top 20) on EXHIBITOR magazine’s “Best of CES” list.

An 80’x100’ custom structure built on a poured concrete pad in the parking lot of the Vegas Convention Center sported a 20’x55’ LED screen on the exterior and 18 interactive demo stations and two cars inside. From a chrome Bugdroid that blew bubbles to a slot machine that gave out free prizes, everything was designed to spark joy and to show how the Android ecosystem works better together.

  • Creative Ideation & Design
  • Creative Technology
  • Event Production
  • Fabrication
  • Logistics
Google CES Bubbles
Google Android CES 1
Google Home
Google Home 2
Google Pixel Watch 2
Android LED Billboard
Google Pixel
Google Postcard
Google Android Balloon 2
Google Pixel Watch
Android Interactive
Google Home 3
Volvo EX90
Android Monorail
Google Spun Chair
Google Postcard 2

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