Meta's Metaverse Marvel at PaleyWKND

Meta made a big IRL impact at Paley WKND with an 18’x50’ custom space that demonstrated the benefits and excitement of learning in the metaverse. Starting with a Sparks-produced brand video, the attendee journey highlighted content partners and offered AR interactives like digital face painting, a curated visit to the NY Public Library, and seeing parts of the Amazon rainforest in the palm of your hand. The experience culminated in a VR moment that invited participants to visit the International Space Station.

  • Content & Production
  • Creative Ideation & Design
  • Creative Technologies
  • Event Production
  • Fabrication

The task required an activation that was approachable from all sides while allowing for an immersive room for a VR experience, a number of stations that allowed for interactive AR, traditional video stations, and room for gathering crowds.

Meta Plaeywknd Image1
Meta Plaeywknd Image4
Meta Plaeywknd Image2

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