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Welcoming Guests to Join the Adventure

Salesforce views its 141 global campus locations as the ultimate expression of its unique brand. They strive to create brand advocates out of every visitor that enters their campus by creating an environment that makes their guests feel welcomed, engage, and inspired to join the adventure and blaze their own trail.

The inspiration behind Salesforce’s brand was drawn from CEO Marc Benioff’s love of the great outdoors - creating a fun and whimsical visual aesthetic for a very technical business offering. Fostering an approachable brand presence, the “Trailblazer” theme consists of beautifully curated photographic and illustrated landscapes with natural elements like redwood tree trunks, rustic wood, natural stone, and outdoor plant life. And, of course, the Salesforce mascots, Astro, Codey, Einstein & Cloudy, to lead the way and foster the fun.


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Salesforce Global Towers Building

A Proud Fixture in the San Francisco Skyline

Customer success is at the center of Salesforce and at the heart of its San Francisco Tower, which features interactive customer showcases for brands such as Ducati. The Ducati customer success interactive provides a unique opportunity to communicate how Salesforce integrations drive customer engagement and digital identity. It features a dual-mode interactive story of Ducati and Salesforce through narrative roadways.

Situated behind the bike, a series of touchscreens allow visitors to explore various courses and learn about Salesforce products. In front, a Ducati bike functions as the centerpiece for a motion-driven engagement. Once a user is seated on the bike, Rider Mode is activated on the multi-screen array, allowing users to simulate driving while viewing Salesforce x Ducati content. Sparks created custom animations designed via Unity while maintaining consistency with existing brand landscape assets and Trailhead characters.

Bringing Customer Stories to Life Around the World

Salesforce Global Towers Locations

To date, we have successfully brought the Salesforce brand and similar interactive client engagements to life in Dublin, Hyderbad, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo Towers.

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We also addressed the challenge of travel restrictions by creating a virtual visualization of the global towers as a means to approve architectural build finishes and installations.

These visualizations bring to life the interiors and exteriors of the buildings and provide a realistic rendered view of how materiality and scale play. Using epic games unreal tools we are able to bring dynamic content to life on screens.

Key highlights of these unique spaces:

  • Dublin, Ireland

    A larger than life butterfly display cascading from a 3-story atrium to greet visitors and garden size gnomes of the Salesforce characters sprinkled throughout.

  • Hyderabad, India

    A custom showcase chandelier with unique Salesforce-inspired mandala art and a reserved floral wall with 'Be A Trailblazer' messaging.

  • Paris, France

    National park signs that identify the building and greet visitors and custom molded characters and welcome mats for the various floors.

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Custom carved characters made from fallen white trees in Belgium transported to Tokyo and hand sculpted out of a single log.

  • Sydney, Australia

    A 60' multi level staircase with a vignette of the great barrier reef with dimensional characters in scuba gear and an instagrammable coral reef platform and unreal(r) visualized underwater world.

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