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Welcoming Guests to Join the Adventure

Salesforce views its 141 global campus locations as the ultimate expression of its unique brand. They strive to create brand advocates out of every visitor that enters their campus by creating an environment that makes their guests feel welcomed, engage, and inspired to join the adventure and blaze their own trail.

The inspiration behind Salesforce’s brand was drawn from CEO Marc Benioff’s love of the great outdoors - creating a fun and whimsical visual aesthetic for a very technical business offering. Fostering an approachable brand presence, the “Trailblazer” theme consists of beautifully curated photographic and illustrated landscapes with natural elements like redwood tree trunks, rustic wood, natural stone, and outdoor plant life. And, of course, the Salesforce mascots, Astro, Codey, Einstein & Cloudy, to lead the way and foster the fun.

  • Brand Environment Services
  • Strategy & Measurement
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Digital Interactives
  • Content design & production
  • Fabrication & Logistics
  • Global Execution
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