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Partnering to Make a Difference

The organization (RED) is dedicated to building better health systems that fight global pandemics such as AIDS and COVID-19. Through strategic partnerships, (RED) creates products and experiences that raise money for global health initiatives.

Salesforce engaged Sparks to create a short, documentary-style film for (RED) to raise awareness of the continued fight against AIDS and the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on their work. Through very human stories captured on location, the film shows how resources from (RED)’s global fund are used to combat HIV/AIDS—a crisis that disproportionately affects women and girls and has been made all the more complicated by COVID-19.


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The film’s goal is to leave viewers with an increased awareness of the fight against HIV/AIDS—a fight that’s far from over.

Sharing an Important Story

A team from Sparks traveled overseas and to the (RED) corporate headquarters in New York City for filming. With sensitivity and compassion, they recorded personal stories of people whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS, and how companies like Salesforce have helped them expand their mission and offer critical resources to more people. Ultimately, it’s a poignant story about healthcare equality and about the work being done to improve the lives of individuals, communities and future generations.

We used a tried and true dramatic format for this film. First, we presented the problem, then we talked about some of the initiatives that (RED) has galvanized to combat the problem. Then we describe another hurdle—the negative impact that COVID-19 is having on AIDS treatment. Finally, our client Salesforce is presented as part of the solution and is aligned with an intelligent, ethical and well-thought-out strategy to combat both pandemics and literally save lives. For the team at Sparks, the project offered a meaningful opportunity to give back. Through a combination of paid and pro-bono work, Sparks teams donated their time, hearts and energy to support an important global cause.

A close-up shot of one of Salesforce’s products is displayed prominently on the screen, while uplifting music plays in the background. The positive images that follow illustrate the successful partnership between Salesforce and (RED) and demonstrate the impact both companies are making. The film ends with an optimistic call to action and clearly spells out how corporations and individuals can join this worthy mission.

As COVID-19 continues to make a significant impact on the work being done by (RED) and Salesforce, a key takeaway here is that together no challenge is too big. Together these organizations are actively making a big difference and are encouraging others to do the same. Whether it’s through the purchase of (RED) products, donations, or actively getting involved in the campaign, working collaboratively is the key to success. (RED) is leading the charge in the fight against global pandemics and with corporate support from partners like Salesforce, they’re saving lives.

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