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Transforming the Customer Experience

The 80+ newly designed nationwide Comcast Xfinity stores are engaging 4,000 sq. ft. shopper environments that provide unique ways to experience Xfinity products and services. This retail rollout follows the brand’s novel Chicago STUDIO XFINITY store and is designed to tell the Xfinity product family story in a way that’s both easy to navigate and immersive.


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Comcast xfinity retial stores

The catalyst for redesigning Comcast stores into true retail sales environments—that go beyond just serving traditional cable TV customers—is the addition of mobile phone services to their product offering.

The new Comcast Xfinity stores feature a hands-on experience design that tells the story of the complete line of Xfinity’s products and how they’re interconnected using the brand’s XFi service.

The Xfinity store environments and fixtures are designed by FCB Red/Chute Gerdeman, a long-time collaborator and partner with Sparks Retail.

Incorporating clean lines and simple forms juxtaposed with rustic finishes and various textural materials, the store’s color palette is warm, highlighted by slightly cool white lighting. Multiple video screens are strategically placed throughout the store to present the complete Xfinity story.

Comcast xfinity retail stores render to reality render
Comcast xfinity retail stores render to reality render
Rendered concept
Comcast xfinityretialstores rendertoreality image
Final execution

To encourage product exploration, Comcast Xfinity stores are divided into six distinct, yet interconnected, zones:

  • 01


    Mobile phone products and services

  • 02


    Cable TV and Internet services

  • 03

    Connected Home

    Home connectivity, smart home devices and security

  • 04


    Xfinity’s ubiquitous free Wi-Fi service

  • 05

    Integration Lounge

    Showcase for how the various Xfinity products and services work together

  • 06

    Xfinity Business Solutions

    Products and services focused on small to medium businesses

Each zone has its own unique vibe while maintaining a similar look and feel with supportive design elements. In the Connected Home zone, customers experience the convenience and security of a truly digitally integrated home system.

Customers are invited to take the system through it’s paces from locking and unlocking a mock “front door” to using X1 to view several security feeds from cameras placed throughout the store.

Fixtures for all Comcast Xfinity stores are custom-made including furniture, light boxes, display elements, merchandising hardware, decorative accessories, and props. The stores purposely exclude signage in windows—the goal is to entice customers to come inside, learn about and experience the products for themselves. Large towers fitted with giant HD screens are focal points in each store and draw customers in with video content of the latest Xfinity products and services. These state-of-the-art displays are the perfect spot in the store to begin the customer journey or to engage store staff.

We want to inspire shoppers visually, and so each zone is outfitted to look like a home environment and make it easier for visitors to imagine how it would look in their own house, as well as see how the products work together to provide a whole home solution.

John Giacomazzi, Comcast’s VP of Retail Merchandising & Design

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