Step into the Future of Entertainment: The Dolby House at SXSW

Dolby's SXSW takeover set a new immersive standard. The bi-level 'Dolby House' at Brazos Hall spanned 10,000 sq ft, featuring six loyalty-inspiring installations. From film to music, the week showcased Dolby's diverse expertise.

Our immersive design blended intuitive space planning, strategic lighting, and interactive content, transcending sensory boundaries. Historic brick walls added aesthetic value. Unforgettable demos included the Dolby Atmos and Vision-enabled infinity room, mobile device displays, Dolby Atmos for Cars, and the Era 300 'first listen.' Lounge and Living Rooms immersed visitors in audio experiences.

Our success was measurable with 32,190 attendees and impressive engagement ratios, surpassing all of our goals.

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