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FUTURES x Meta: Moonwalk

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Take a Virtual Walk on the Moon

Timed with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo missions, the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building (AIB) and Meta Immersive Learning debuted the FUTURES x Meta: Moonwalk virtual reality experience at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., demonstrating Meta’s vision for immersive exploration in the metaverse and allowing visitors to “land on the moon” and see the lunar surface for the first time as the astronauts did. The multi-modal experience utilized a Meta Quest VR 360-degree headset with a blend of graphic, video, AR and VR content.


  • Digital Interactives
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Exhibit Design & Production
  • Content Design & Production
  • Fabrication & Logistics
  • Event Production
FUTURES Meta Smithsonian Lobby

The FUTURES x Meta: Moonwalk exhibit and VR experience brought 10,000+ visitors to the lunar surface through today's immersive technologies.

Meta Oculus Moonwalk Experience

Inspired by the real-life experiences of Apollo astronauts, the Sparks-designed and fabricated “Moonwalk” exhibit combined thousands of rarely seen archival images, 3D scans of Smithsonian collections and NASA mission audio recordings with VR technology, recreating the world of the moon and allowing visitors to explore the lunar landscape.

The immersive experience included a queue area with Meta video display and sizzle reel attract, three AR experiences and the 360-degree VR “moonwalk” experience. To allow the 12 brand ambassadors to move in and out of the space for sanitization and bringing in of new headsets, we also custom designed and build carts that blended into the design.

Meta Oculus VR Moonwalk

The space hosted two turnkey events complete with signature food and beverage items such as the Moonwalk cocktail.

FUTURES Meta Smithsonian Experience

Our scope included venue management, spatial design and planning, exhibit fabrication, VR demos and registration management, A/V and lighting management, speaker management, F&B, labor, and the production of the Meta-branded videos.

A successful illustration of agency collaboration, we are proud to have worked alongside Meridian Treehouse, an award-winning nonfiction storytelling agency and Black Dot Films, an Emmy award-winning VR storytelling and production company.

“This experience could not have been possible without the vision, hard work and collaboration among so many…Huge #thanks.”


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