Meta Portal: Bringing Connected Technology to Broadway Audiences

Meta tapped Sparks to put their Portal device into the hearts and minds of audiences at a years-running Broadway production featuring a famous book series. At the heart of the activation was a custom video that Sparks wrote, produced, and created. The story featured a group of super fans of the beloved franchise who used Portal to plan their attendance to the show. The video played in a Sparks-designed and built theatrical set to look like an English library - featuring practical furniture, some photo moments, and a bit of magic with floating books and a clock that operated on its own time. The activation was featured not only at Broadway’s Lyric Theater and traveled to San Francisco’s Orpheum Theater as well.

  • Creative Ideation and Design
  • Content creation
  • Script writing and production
  • Creative Technology
  • Fabrication
Harry Potter Cursed Child
Meta Portal display screen
Meta Portal Harry Potter Activation
Harry Potter selfie
Meta Portal x Harry Potter display
Meta Portal Harry Potter

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