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A Connected Virtual Conference Experience

In the face of uncertainty and rapidly changing markets, companies worldwide are investing in robust analytics to successfully harness the power of data. The TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) was the analytics industry gathering of the year, and with record-breaking attendance.

This premiere digital event showcased the insights and impact of data visionaries, and data analytic pros, and featured success stories of innovative customers from around the world. We hope the lessons they shared reverberate throughout the year in all your endeavors.


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Tibco Analytics Forum

Over three days, TIBCO brought together 1600 TIBCO Analytics users from the world’s top energy organizations to attend various sessions about the advances of TIBCO’s software offerings. Utilizing the existing platform functionality of TIBCOs custom Virtu platform developed by Sparks, this year's fully virtual invite-only TAF delivered on its mission to inspire, inform and lead through innovation.

The rebranded Virtu platform was the best choice because we were able to take the same code base/functionality from the brand’s previous virtual event (TIBCO NOW ‘21) and update it for TAF, refreshing the code base/functionality and creative look-and-feel/branding.

The general session included a stellar line-up of data analytics visionaries and product experts sharing content geared toward what’s happening around the data world and how TIBCO is spearheading software analytics in today’s society.

The breakout sessions were focused on a more educational approach with their analytics offerings and a platform where organizations shared their innovative use of data analytics to grow their impact and improve results and where the community had constructive conversations.

The auto-push of sessions streamlined the entire user experience and allowed attendees to view sessions continuously.

While not actively in session, attendees engaged with the Analytics Arcade where they could perform different tasks to receive stars that would accumulate over time and enter into a raffle to receive prizes post-event.

The User Experience

  • Top Navigation Bar:

    Speakers, Directory, Game, FAQ, Profile, Notifications and Site Search

  • Homepage/Agenda:

    Session Cards listed the name of the session, speakers, time, brief description and image, and allowed attendees to click in to view the “Live” content

  • Speakers:

    Profiles for all speakers featured at TIBCO TAF and allowed attendees to connect via LinkedIn if the speaker chose that option

  • Directory:

    Attendee profiles allowed connection via the platform or LinkedIn

  • Analytics Arcade:

    A game where attendees could perform different tasks to receive stars that would accumulate over time and enter into a raffle to receive prizes post-event

  • FAQ:

    Commonly asked questions that attendees could reference to troubleshoot throughout the site with a “Help Desk” button that allowed them to talk to a live team member

  • Profile:

    Where the attendees can setup/update their attendee profile throughout the event

  • Notifications:

    Provided prompts to the attendee when they have completed a task or when their specific “Add to Watchlist” session has gone live

This was by far the smoothest execution of a live digital show-to-date and the updated simplified approach lended to a clear user experience throughout the site.


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