T-Mobile: Engaging Store Customers through Sustainable Designs

T-Mobile called upon Sparks to build eye-catching Entryway Structure Displays to welcome customers into their Signature Stores and Plano Experience Store Location. At the base of the structure, is just that, a reusable evergreen base, cyclically refurbished to introduce new company initiatives and product launches. The evergreen base, constructed from powder-coated steel overlaying a plywood substructure, utilizes an interchangeable system to allow ongoing changes to the merchandising display. Each base is uniquely designed to fit within the desired footprint of the specific store's layout. Sparks has successfully designed, created, and installed 4 projects. The projects; Samsung S22, Pride, 5G Network, and Samsung S23; portray the vast spectrum of Sparks abilities, from acrylics, to abstract art, to illuminations. With quick turnarounds from project to project, Sparks stayed on target with T-Mobile's timelines and inspired visions. The current evergreen displays, featuring Samsung S23, are live at T-Mobile’s Signature Stores and Plano Experience Store Location. Sparks Custom Retail is eager to see how it evolves for future projects.

  • Retail Fixtures & Services
  • Creative Strategy & Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Digital Interactives
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