Here's a high-level recap of the work we've been strategizing, creating, building and executing for the past couple of months.

Check out some of our favorite projects from this year so far.

Uncovering intelligence to inform creative solutions.

Goals, Objectives & Metrics. Research, Audits & Analysis. Portfolio Analysis & Planning. Attendee Acquisition. Lead Planning & Analysis. EventScore Measurement. Experience Audits. Data, Analytics & Reporting.

Strategy and measurement - what we do

Turning messages into immersive attendee journeys

Creative Strategy. Theming & Messaging. Storyboards & Ideation. Attendee Journey Mapping. Spatial Strategies. Graphic Design & Signage. Motion Graphics. Animations. 3D Experiential Design. Renderings & Flythroughs. Video & Media Design. Interior Design & Furniture. Technical Drawings. Engineering Drawings.

Creative ideation and design - what we do

Crafting compelling content that connects

Content Strategy & Design. Script & Copywriting. Talent & Presenter Sourcing. Art Direction. Storyboarding. Scenic Design. Video Creation. Presentation Design. Motion Graphics. Animations. Character Animations. Social Promotions. Product Visualizations. Video & Live Streaming. Lighting & AV. Camera Packs. Physical Webcast Studios. XR Stage & Visualizations. 3D Green Screen Sets. Speaker Kits.

Content and Production - What we do

Integrating the latest tech to immerse and amplify

Concept Development. UI/UX Mapping & Design. Custom Interactives. Virtual Environments. AR/VR & Gesture Tech. Gaming Platforms. Games & Attracts. Web & Mobile Apps. Social Integrations. Data & Lead Capture.

Creative technologies - what we do

Full-scale production for events of all sizes

Live Event Production. Virtual Event Production. Mobile Tour Operations. Venue Sourcing & Permitting. Talent Sourcing. Talent Management. Security & Safety Planning. Keynote/Show Production. Registration Management. Hotel Management. F&B Management. Sponsor Management. VIP/Executive Handling. BA Management. Gifts & Giveaways. Live Streaming & Video.

Event production - what we do

Building and managing your assets seamlessly

5 Full-Service US Facilities. Local Project Management. Global Partner Network. Engineering & Detailing. Architectural Fabrication. Scenic Fabrication. 15,000 Rental Assets. 3D Printing. Custom Finishing. Graphic Production. Interactives, Lighting & AV. Inventory Management. Shipping Strategies. Global Warehousing.

Fabrication - what we do

Shopper experiences that build legacy brands

Design and detailing. Value engineering. Digital interactives. Domestic production. Import production. Installation and logistics. Fixtures. Full store refresh.

What we do - retail

Delivering global services in over 60 countries

Full Services in 60 Countries. Offices in US, EMEA & APAC. Local Project Managers. 16 Languages Spoken. Fabrication & Logistics. Warehousing. Event & Content Production. Customs Management. Trusted Partner Network. Trade Shows & Events. Activations & Tours. Environments & Retail Stores.

Global whatwedo hero

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